Physical Therapy for Car Accident Injuries

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The slightest car accident can lead to injuries and chronic pain that require treatment. Usually, when someone is involved in an accident in Los Angeles, they avoid going to the hospital or visiting a doctor because they feel their injuries aren’t severe. In most cases, symptoms appear days or weeks later.

At Premiere Chiropractic, optimizing your health and helping you heal is our mission. While we always encourage our patients to see a doctor immediately after an accident, not many do. If you suffer from tissue damage, nerve damage, neck and back pain, it could be alleviated with personal injury treatment in Los Angeles!

What Does a Physical Therapist Do? 

Personal injury physical therapists in LA are experts in treating musculoskeletal and selected brain and cardio injuries. After an extensive evaluation of your health, we’ll work directly with you to develop the best treatment plan.

Maintaining a healthy weight and practicing good habits can speed up the recovery time and prevent future risks of injury, as well. In addition to our hands-on treatment, we can recommend pain-free and rehabilitative exercises to continue at home. Knowing the right exercise matters – you keep fit and protect your joints.

Common Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

Car accident physical therapists treat a wide range of injuries from whiplash to concussions, back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. The extent of bodily damage depends on the type of accident, your age, and your health.

During your first appointment, you might notice the treatment may differ slightly from other therapies concerning torn ACLs or sports injuries, but the process is just the same. It’s best to make an appointment for personal injury physical therapy immediately if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Stiffness of the neck, arms, back, or face
  • Numbness or tingling arms, neck, and back
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Intense spinal or back pain
  • Weakness
  • Insomnia

Three Things to Consider Before Going to A Physical Therapist

Before you book an appointment for car accident physical therapy in Los Angeles, you should think about the following:

The type of car accident injury can impact your treatment and recovery time. Unfortunately, LA has seen a spike in car accidents. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, there were nearly 54,000 traffic collisions in 2019 – 50% of them involved pedestrians. Many suffered from injuries to their upper body, spine, or head. Physical therapists may recommend spinal manipulation to reduce pain and inflammation of the back. Each treatment is structured to give patients immediate relief and improve their range of motion.

Assess the severity of the accident immediately for minor or severe car accidents. When your body endures this type of trauma, you should keep track of any bodily changes. It plays a significant role in your physical therapy treatment. Most injuries go undiagnosed for a period whether you have undergone diagnostic tests at your primary doctor’s office or hospital. But they can at least point you in the right direction in terms of potential or pre-existing injuries.

Pre-existing injuries affect your healing time if left untreated. At our center, we also treat older car accident injuries. It might be older scar tissue, prolonged knee pain, or other chronic concerns. It can make the healing process take twice as long with newer injuries, and we know that’s the last thing you want.

Your Path to Wellness Begins with Us

It will take more than one session to see maximum results and improvements. Many patients turn to us because we offer a natural approach to healing without medical intervention. After a crash, you might feel sore and stiff. Why wait to get the treatment you deserve? A few highlights of physical therapy for personal injuries include:

  • Custom and easy exercises to address pains, spinal dysfunction, or weakness in joints and bones
  • Postural training for unresolved neck, back, and shoulder pain after the crash
  • Electrical stimulation to improve joint swelling and boost muscle rehabilitation
  • Keep you on your feet to quicken the healing time and avoid bed rest. It also improves oxygen and blood flow to get nutrients to the injury site.
  • Restore full body function using strength training exercises or cardio rehabilitative techniques

When you choose Premiere Chiropractic, you’re also choosing licensed and skilled physical therapists. We accept personal injury liens or a “promise of payment” at our center if you’re pursuing a claim. To schedule an appointment, call (310) 340-0313!

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