5 Exercises for Rotator Cuff Pain

5 Exercises for Rotator Cuff Pain

Rotator cuff injuries are very common as the shoulder is a highly utilized area of the body. The rotator cuff is actually made up of four different muscles that help to stabilize your shoulder and permit it to move around. If you currently are experiencing rotator cuff pain, here are five exercises that you should be doing.

External Rotation In Side-Lying Position
This one is fairly easy to perform. You’ll want to lay on the opposite side that you’re experiencing pain. Make sure to fully bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle. You’ll want to rest that elbow on your flank. Your forearm will go down and rest on your abdomen. Utilize a small dumbbell for resistance. Any good physical therapy El Segundo center can recommend the appropriate weight for you. You’ll want to proceed to raise the dumbbell upward while you leave your elbow against your flank. Stop at the top and hold the motion for a few seconds and then, return to your start position.

The Doorway Stretch
This stretch is recommended for numerous muscular and functioning conditions. You’ll start by standing in a doorway that is open. Spread both of your arms out to your sides. You’ll want to take a grip on both sides of the door and lean your bodyweight forward. You should feel a deep stretch in the front of your shoulder as you lean. Make sure you keep your back straight throughout the entire stretch.

Lawn Mower Pull
Start with your feet about a shoulder’s width apart. You’ll want to use a resistance band at a weight recommended by a knowledgeable chiropractor El Segundo. Put the band underneath the foot of your non-injured side. Use your injured arm to hold the other side. You’ll want to pull the band diagonally across your body as you turn at the torso.

Reverse Fly
When you get any advice from a physical therapy near me center, you’ll most likely be given the reverse fly. This is a very popular exercise recommended for a variety of shoulder and upper back issues. You’ll start by standing with your feet about a shoulder’s width apart from one another. Slightly bend your knees and allow your torso to angle forward. Use a small amount of weight in each hand, extend your arms away from your body. As you raise your arms, be sure you don’t lock your elbow. Rather squeeze your shoulder blades together.

High To Low Rows
You’ll need the help of a resistance band for this exercise. You can determine the right size and color at a El Segundo Physical Therapy center. You’ll want to place the band above your shoulder height. While holding the band with your injured arm, you’ll need to get down on one knee. This is going to be the knee opposite the injured side. Let your arm be outstretched with the band to start. Then, proceed to pull the crease of your elbow toward your body. Make sure that you keep your back straight throughout the entire movement. You should also be squeezing your shoulder blades together when you’re doing the downward thrust movement.