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Whiplash is one of the most overlooked and dismissed injuries. Most car accident victims ignore the risks and long-term impact it can have on their health. Sometimes chronic pain can linger for days, weeks, even months if left untreated by a medical professional. Even those who consider their accidents as minor can have the most debilitating pain.

Over 1 million Americans experience severe pain from whiplash annually. Of that number, studies report 300,000 become disabled. That is why it’s imperative to treat it before it progresses. Fortunately, we’ve come across newer and older whiplash injuries at Premiere Chiropractic.

If you’re considering visiting a chiropractic center for personal injury treatment in Los Angeles, we detail information you might find helpful below.

Overview of Whiplash

Whiplash occurs when a person’s head moves back and forth rapidly – like a whip. As your neck overexerts and stretches, the inner tissue, muscles, and ligaments get damaged. That’s why the best thing you can do after a car crash is to go to the hospital for a thorough medical assessment.

Many car accident victims across Los Angeles County make the mistake of ignoring the following warning signs:

  • Stiff neck
  • Shoulder and back pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Muscle tears
  • Ligament injuries
  • Blurred vision
  • Weakness
  • Loss of balance
  • Tinnitus (ear ringing)
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Burning

Victims might experience neck and back discomfort after a few days. The pain usually intensifies as you experience more symptoms. Severe cases that might warrant you to see a doctor immediately are signs of numbness, tingling, burning sensations, blurred vision, shoulder and arm pain.

Treatment for Whiplash

Without proper diagnoses from a car accident chiropractor in Los Angeles, we won’t be able to get to the root of your problem. The treatment our specialists provide depends on the extent of your injury, when it occurred, and whether we can conduct a thorough medical assessment. Typically, we would request a copy of your hospital records after the accident.

Consultations are a vital component toward the success of your treatment. A chiropractor for whiplash injuries at Premiere Chiro might recommend you pair a chiropractic adjustment with physical therapy and acupuncture or massage therapy to mend you back to health naturally. By incorporating these treatments, you won’t need a doctor’s prescription for over-the-counter meds. Why choose temporary relief when you can have long-term satisfaction?

Our Chiropractors Treat:

Joint Dysfunction – damage stems from lost shock absorption. To assess the injury, a chiropractor would perform a technique called “motion palpation.” We gently move your joints to learn your range of motion. When injured, nerve receptors can send abnormal signals to the nervous system, constricting the joints and muscles.

Muscle Pain – whiplash injuries can cause the muscles to feel stiff or tense. Before beginning treatment, chiropractors evaluate various “trigger points” (painful areas) to stimulate the damaged tissue.

Spine Damage – is a serious concern! In severe cases, whiplash victims lose their balance. There are two types of instability:

  • The first type (passive instability) happens when neck ligaments loosen, increasing the possibility of whiplash.
  • Dynamic instability harms the nervous system by disrupting the body’s response. You can lose coordination and function across the body.

Herniated Disc – stems from the whiplash injury. It primarily impacts the spine. As the tissue tears between the discs, it further damages your spinal nerve roots. It is common to feel persistent, sharp neck pain. It is accompanied by arm discomfort, tingling sensations, or numbness.

How Does Seeing a Chiropractor Really Prevent Further Damage?

There is never a wrong time to visit a chiropractor for a routine spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment. However, to prevent or manage the early stages of whiplash, we encourage you to set up an appointment for immediate pain relief after a car accident.

  • Skilled chiropractors can quickly reduce neck, back pain and symptoms after the first few sessions of treatment.
  • After resolving the direct source of your pain, a chiropractor can start the rehabilitative process to keep you active.
  • Increasing your exercise outside of the office can help correct patterns of instability and imbalance. Both are common in whiplash injuries.

If you’re worried about the cost of treatment, we offer personal injury liens so that you can pay at a later date! For more information or to schedule an appointment for our elite chiropractic whiplash treatment in LA, call (310) 499-2630!

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