Why Skiers and Snowboarders Should Consider Chiropractic Care

Why Skiers and Snowboarders Should Consider Chiropractic Care

Last year, California was one of many states to see record-breaking snowfall numbers. For many, the winter months are a great time to hit the slopes and keep active during the holidays. But with skiing or snowboarding comes the risk of injury from falling or collisions.

Most people who get injured hold off on seeing a doctor or getting treated. But we can assure you that the last thing you want on your trip is to suffer from chronic pain or have a lingering injury.

Routine visits with a chiropractor can help you prevent injuries before they happen. And having someone on call ensures you get the necessary treatment as soon as possible. Though fun, snowboarding and skiing can put extreme pressure on the body.

Studies show that the most common bodily damages include extreme joint inflammation, dislocations, neck tightness, hip discomfort, and back injury. At Premiere Chiro we use a range of holistic remedies to speed up your recovery time and help you feel whole again.

If this is your first time considering treatment, you’re likely to have one question in mind – what exactly can we do? Well, that depends on you and the extent of the injury.

Chiropractors are specialized in musculoskeletal injuries. We help restore the joints’ positioning and loosen the muscles to avoid long-term damage. Depending on the extent of your injury we might recommend a range of joint manipulations to increase movement, increase blood flow, minimize swelling, and ensure the spine is aligned.

If you haven’t already, you should consider this low-maintenance self-care at our chiropractics! Skiing and snowboarding are demanding. Before you return to the slopes next year, try one of our safe manipulation techniques to alleviate older injuries and chronic pain.