Why Does Sleep Apnea Cause Weight Gain?

Why Does Sleep Apnea Cause Weight Gain?

Sleep apnea impacts the quality of your rest. Many who suffer sleep apnea have so many episodes of stopped breathing that they wake up more exhausted than when they went to bed. To make sure you’re sleeping deeply and getting plenty of oxygen, it may be time to work with our chiropractor El Segundo.

Which Comes First: Weight or Sleep Apnea?
If you struggle with sleep apnea, you may not have the energy to exercise. Poor exercise habits can lead to weight gain. Additionally, if you don’t get enough exercise, your muscles can atrophy and your core strength may fail, putting you at greater risk of back injuries, lethargy and pain. Snoring may be part of your family history, but it’s no joke if you’re not getting enough oxygen. You can’t build a strong, lean body on poor rest.

Apnea and Poor Diet
Tired people need energy, and sugar and caffeine can fill that need temporarily. To support weight loss El Segundo, getting enough rest is critical. Sugar and caffeine will put you on a roller coaster of energy highs and crashes. Your weight loss goals can only be supported by getting better rest and building a stronger body.

Seek Support
Working with our specialists who can help you manage your sleep apnea is a great first start to getting quality rest. To get help with challenges surrounding apnea and weight management El Segundo, a sleep study and CPAP therapy can help. With a medical team on your side to help you manage your sleep apnea and increase the quality of your rest, you can build a healthier life.

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Your El Segundo Premiere Chiro team is ready and excited to help you build better health. If you’ve been looking for assistance from weight management near you, also consider getting your oxygen levels checked. Have a sleep study done. Make sure that your body is getting quality rest as you work to manage your weight and build muscle.