What To Expect At Acupuncture Treatment

What To Expect At Acupuncture Treatment

If you are interested in getting acupuncture therapy in El Segundo, then there are several things that you will need to know beforehand. The experience that you have will depend on the acupuncturist. However, there are some tips that will help you get the most out of the experience.

Acupuncture El Segundo Treats More than Pain
chiropractor El Segundo may recommend acupuncture if you have pain. However, pain is not the only thing that acupuncture can treat. It can treat the common cold and stomach viruses. It can also address infections, skin diseases and neurological disorders.

Eat Before You Go
You should eat before you get acupuncture for back pain. You do not need to have a full meal. However, if you eat a light snack beforehand, then you can boost your energy.

You May Not Need to Remove Clothing

The acupuncture may need to access the areas that are underneath your clothing. If you need to expose a part of your body, then you will be draped. It is a good idea to wear loose clothing.

You May Have to Show Your Tongue
Acupuncturists are interested in your overall health. That is why they may look at your tongue and check your radial pulse.

You May be Asked Embarrassing Questions
You may be asked about your bowel movements and urination. If you are a woman, then you may be asked about your menstrual cycle. These questions will help you get a better treatment.

The Needles are Thin
The acupuncture needles are about the width of two or three strands of hair. You may not even feel the needles when they are inserted into your skin.

Needles are Not Reused
An acupuncturist will never use a needle on you that has been used on another patient. That is why you will not get a disease from acupuncture.

Acupuncture is More Than Just Needles
Your acupuncturist will do a lot more than just insert needles. They may also use cupping, acupressure and Chinese herbs.