What Core Exercises Strengthen Your Back?

What Core Exercises Strengthen Your Back?

Total body wellness starts with more than a healthy mindset. What do you do on a physical level that might help you maintain your body’s core strength?

Having a weak core does more harm than you think. It puts extra pressure on the functionality of your abdominal muscles and spine. That increases your chance of long-term injuries and chronic pain.

Fortunately for you, at our chiropractic we offer physical therapy. Certified PTs can address your concerns and provide an exercise routine for better core strength. Depending on the individual needs of our patients, we might recommend the following:

Try a Side Bridge

  • As you lay on your side, bolster yourself up by the forearm.
  • Try to keep that forearm under your shoulder.
  • The top foot can rest on the ground in front of the bottom foot.
  • Begin lifting your hips off the ground – hold for 10 seconds.

Reach and Kick

  • Get on all fours – your hands and knees should be placed on the floor.
  • Keep your knees tucked directly under the hips and hands under the shoulders.
  • Kick one leg back in a straight position, using the opposite arm to stretch forward.
  • After giving your shoulder a tight squeeze, bring your limbs back in and repeat.


  • Lay face down on the floor, extend your arms and legs out, and lift.
  • Each time you perform this exercise, try to hold for a few seconds or more.

Of all the exercises listed above, the superman workout is the easiest. When you book an appointment at Premiere, we will work with you to craft the right treatment plan for you. If you have severe back pain, it might include chiropractic adjustments alongside a workout plan. Schedule a visit with our office to get started!