What Are The Early Signs Of Scoliosis?

What Are The Early Signs Of Scoliosis?

Early detection of scoliosis is often problematic. The first signs of scoliosis are too subtle to cause alarm. A growing curve on the spine characterizes scoliosis. If left untreated, the condition progresses and prompts other symptoms to become more obvious. We will dive into some of the early signs of scoliosis to look out for.

Back pain
Back pain is probably the most common symptom of developing scoliosis. As the spine continues to curve, it exerts immense unwanted pressure on the nerves and spinal cord. As a result, you may experience lower back pain, numbness, and headaches. Back pain and headache relief El Segundo may help make the condition bearable.

Unusual body posture
Typically, this happens among children and teens who grow rapidly. As the curvature on the spine continues to increase, it may thrust the waist, hips, and shoulders out of proper alignment. These changes result in an asymmetrical posture and body shape that becomes apparent by the day. Certain remedies such as back braces and surgery may help slow down the progression of scoliosis. Without proper solutions, a significant number of patients get diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Constant unexplained fatigue
As the curvature on the spine becomes more pronounced, muscles have a hard time keeping the body balanced and aligned. With the body and muscles working more than they should, you could wear out quickly, causing fatigue.

Difficulty breathing
Severe scoliosis puts pressure on the chest cavity from assuming an asymmetrical shape. Eventually, the positions and changes restrict your ability to breathe seamlessly.

Typically, you will experience one or more of these symptoms when developing scoliosis. It’s essential to seek immediate scoliosis treatment El Segundo or symptom alleviation to slow down its progress. Scoliosis has no cure, but treatments aim at slowing down the condition and offering pain relief.

Scoliosis treatment El Segundo
Chiropractic care
Chiropractic in El Segundo focuses on realigning muscles, joints, and the spine to relieve pain and discomfort. Through spinal adjustments and manipulation, chiropractic in El Segundo has been passed as an ideal way to slow down the progression of scoliosis.

Chiropractors also offer nutritional and exercise guidelines to help relieve pain and make the condition bearable. Patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia scoliosis arthritis may also benefit from fibromyalgia relief El Segundo through effective chiropractic care.

Exercising and stretching
Tension headaches, back pain, and other sorts of discomfort yielded from scoliosis could use some exercises and stretches to offer pain relief. Part of fibromyalgia relief El Segundo, headache relief El Segundo and sciatica pain relief in El Segundo revolves around stretching the affected muscles and joints to ease tension and pressure. Your chiropractor will lead you through the friendly exercises and stretches that will not harm your spine and adjacent tissues.

Scoliosis and sciatica pain relief in El Segundo doesn’t have to be far-fetched. Chiropractors work tirelessly to see patients improve their quality of life. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and let us help you contain the condition.