Things To Consider Before Scoliosis Surgery For EDS

Things To Consider Before Scoliosis Surgery For EDS

EDS is an acronym for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and it refers to various genetic disorders of tissues which form the main structure of joints, blood vessels, and organs.

Common signs of EDS include soft skin and weak blood vessels. Most patients who have had EDS have been diagnosed with scoliosis, too, due to their bone structure’s fragile nature, which leads to a slight curvature along the backbone.

Are you seeking scoliosis treatment El Segundo and looking for a chiropractor El Segundo? Let us look at the things you should consider before seeking surgery for EDS:

Are there different scoliosis surgery options?
When dealing with EDS led scoliosis, chiropractic in El Segundo can advise for different surgical procedures, depending on the severity of the condition. The most common procedure is the growing rods, which are attached to the spine at the top and bottom. Over a six-month duration, the rods are increased in size to stretch the spine and align it gently.

Details of the surgical procedure
Before opting for surgery as a form of scoliosis treatment El Segundo, it is vital to inquire from chiropractors in El Segundo about the procedure. The main point of concern for most people is the form of anesthesia administered. For the whole procedure, which runs between six to four hours, the patient is put on general anesthesia, meaning they are unconscious the whole time.

The surgical procedure will involve opening the skin above your spine and shifting the surrounding muscles to expose the spine structure.

How is post-surgery?
Post recovery from disc herniation relief El Segundo usually takes a few weeks for the patient to get back to their everyday routines. This duration, however, depends on the patient’s body’s ability to heal. Immediately after surgery, the patient is expected to stay in the hospital for a few days for a close examination.

In the case of growing rods, each adjustment will require a new surgical procedure, meaning a fresh recovery period every six months.

What risks are involved?
Most people wonder where can I find a good chiropractor El Segundo, and what risks will I be putting myself into by having the procedure? The truth is, every surgical procedure has its risks, which can include nerve damage and risks of infection.

As an EDS patient, what should be my concerns?
EDS patients often take longer to recover from surgery than other patients. This can mean that they are at a higher risk of over bleeding, since their weak blood vessels may not encourage faster blood clotting. Therefore, EDS patients are encouraged to consult their doctor before seeking scoliosis treatment El Segundo to know the risks they face.

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