Symptoms and Diagnosis of Facet Joint Problems

23 January

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Facet Joint Problems

What are the Symptoms from Facet Joint Disorders?
If you are experiencing pain in your spine, especially while trying to stand or walk, then you may have facet joint syndrome. This condition affects the joints between the vertebrae in the back, leading to stiffness and inflexibility. The symptoms from facet joint disorder are similar to the symptoms that occur from arthritic conditions. When you think that you might have a facet joint disorder, you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractor El Segundo, Calif., residents recommend.

How is Facet Joint Syndrome Diagnosed?
With a physical examination and medical images, it is possible to determine if you have a facet joint problem in the spine. The joints between the vertebrae in the back can begin to degrade, leading to deterioration that makes flexibility difficult. The cartilage in the joints can become inflamed, causing additional pain in the sensitive spine. You will feel pain the majority of the time because the damaged joints apply pressure against the nerves in the spinal cord. However, a spinal decompression El Segundo expert can plan a course of treatments for your back to alleviate the pressure, helping you to feel better.

What Happens during Professional Spinal Manipulation?
A spinal decompression chiropractor can manipulate the vertebrae in the back to reduce the compression of the delicate nerves, helping you to have less pain and inflexibility. To have spinal manipulation, you may recline on a padded table while the chiropractor works on your back for 30 minutes or more with small tools or with the hands. Alternatively, a chiropractor will have you sit in a special chair that leans forward so that the expert has access to your back and neck. A manipulation treatment from a chiropractor may include working on the shoulders, arms and hands to stimulate the decompressed nerves in the spine.

How to Have Spinal Decompression near Me
To have spinal decompression near me, you can use an internet search engine to look for a chiropractor in your area. You will likely need multiple treatments spaced a few days apart to have the best results to overcome a facet joint problem. At Premiere Chiro, you can have spinal compression El Segundo treatments at your convenience to improve your mobility and to reduce your discomfort. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation with our knowledgeable chiropractor to plan a course of treatments for your spinal problems.

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