Study Finds Acupuncture Modulates Inflammation in Mice

Study Finds Acupuncture Modulates Inflammation in Mice

Tissue inflammation can impact a wide variety of health issues. If you struggle with any form of nerve pain, inflammation may be at the source. Nerve pain can both be caused by inflammation and worsened by it.

Acupuncture and Inflammation
Acupuncture works by stimulating the flow of energy in your body. Blockages of this energy can lead to toxin build-up and increased inflammation. If you undergo acupuncture therapy in El Segundo, be prepared to support your cleansing organs by

  • drinking plenty of water
  • eating foods high in antioxidants, and
  • honoring your energy

If you’re tired after acupuncture, sleep. If you’re energized, drink some water. Be prepared to have some interesting reactions. For example, after acupuncture El Segundo, you may need to shower more often for a few days as your body sheds toxins.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care
Removing inflammation is a goal of both types of healers. Our best chiropractor near you can remove inflammation by bringing your spinal structure into alignment. Once your muscles aren’t stressed by poor alignment, that pain will fade as the muscles release.

If you’re too tight for a safe alignment, acupuncture for back pain can free up muscular tension and allow an adjustment.

Other Benefits of Acupuncture
Our best chiropractor near you will do the most they can to reduce spinal misalignment . You may need to combine it with acupuncture therapy in El Segundo. Some forms of chronic back pain are a function of injury or organic injury. While you may not suffer from chronic nerve pain, many who suffer from chronic pain get relief from exercise.

If you fall into this group, do your best to monitor the time you spend in one position. Try not to sit for more than 45 minutes. If your back pain flares up, ice the area for 20 minutes every 2 hours to reduce the inflammation. Once the pain is reduced, incorporate gentle exercise into your activities to keep the inflammation down and your muscles as loose as possible.

Daily Commitment
If you’ve undergone acupuncture for back pain, you know that your life will be better if you can keep that inflammation level low. In addition to keeping up a regular schedule of acupuncture El Segundo, build an exercise plan to keep your muscles both limber and strong.

Carefully monitor your diet. While a standard anti-inflammation diet is a great start, keep a food diary so you know what foods trigger your personal inflammation nerve-storm. Everyone is different. Monitoring your food intake and your physical response can keep you much more comfortable and reduce your risk of a pain flare-up.

Acupuncture can be used to treat chronic spinal pain, muscular inflammation and arthritis. Once you start to feel better, you’ll be excited at the idea of feeling great. Study the guidance given to you by your health practitioners, and get plenty of rest and water. Contact our chiropractor El Segundo today!