Spinal Decompression FAQs

Spinal Decompression FAQs

If you have been suffering from severe back problems, injuries to the spine, neck pain, slipped and herniated discs, treatments such as physical therapy and massage therapy may not bring total pain relief. Chiropractors have been in the quest for better treatments that can help alleviate pain better and more accurately. Spinal decompression El Segundo is one of these discoveries that promise to offer relief with a change. If you’ve been considering this option, you probably have a myriad of questions that we aim to address in this piece.

What is spinal decompression?
Also known as spinal traction, is a non-surgical and modern procedure that is used to treat neck pain, lower back pain, radiating legs, and arms. It has also been reported to be effective in relieving pain linked to facet joint syndrome, spinal disc herniation, and degenerative spinal discs. When coupled with pain relief treatments such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, and other home remedies, it could yield maximum pain relief.

What conditions does spinal decompression treat?
The treatment focuses on back pain and discomfort linked to the spine. Spinal decompression near me is effective in treating the following:

  • Sciatica.
  • Facet syndrome.
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Degenerative disc disease.
  • Bulging or herniated discs.
  • Injured or infected spinal nerve roots.
  • Posterior facet syndrome.

How does the therapy work?
In a controlled setting, our chiropractor El Segundo will use a traction table to consistently, gently, and intermittently relax and stretch the spine. Over time, using a machine with repeated compressions, the bulging sections of the spine will be pushed and pulled back into the disc. Misaligned spaces are rectified, and a passageway for healing nutrients will be created. Your spinal decompression chiropractor ensures all pinched and irritated nerves are out of harm’s way. Experts recommend about twenty sessions of spinal decompression El Segundo to stabilize your spine.

What should I expect during treatment?
During the appointment, your spinal decompression chiropractor will strap you to a machine facing a particular direction. The spinal decompression machines vary in design; your chiropractor will guide you on which direction to lay. The machine will be guided on how to apply gentle and gradual traction along the spine. The machine repeats its stretches to a point where your spine is well aligned. A standard session lasts anywhere between thirty to forty minutes with relaxing intervals.

Am I an ideal candidate for spinal decompression?
Our chiropractor El Segundo will examine your spinal condition to see if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. However, most ideal candidates complain of constant back pain that won’t go with other remedies such as spinal manipulation and physical therapy. It’s also a viable option before considering surgery and pain medication.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?
It’s important to involve a highly qualified chiropractor when considering spinal decompression. In most cases, patients experience pain relief and positive results. Side effects such as body soreness aren’t anything to cause worry as they subside over time.

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