Spinal Decompression Exercises to Relieve Pain

Spinal Decompression Exercises to Relieve Pain

Spinal decompression exercises can assist you in relieving some of your worst back pain. If you have a painful pre-existing condition or an injury, these exercises are able to assist you. Pressure in your back is relieved overtime. Continue reading below to learn more about five spinal decompression exercises for you.

1. Child’s Pose
Child’s pose is actually an exercise technique from yoga. The exercise is used to elongate the spine. It provides a stretch to it that will relieve pressure on the spine and on the pressure that is in between your discs.

This exercise is completed by first kneeling. You will push your lower back towards your ankles. Finally, lean forward as far as you can, outstretching your arms in front of you. Make sure to keep your head low as well in order to get the best stretch.

2. Knees to Chest
The knee to chest exercise is considered by many to be the best for spinal decompression. The floor is utilized to massage pressure points on your back while you are engaged in this exercise. It is also used to stretch the spine to alleviate pressure.

As mentioned, this exercise is completed on the floor. You lay with your back against the floor, and bring your knees to your chest. Wrap your arms on your knees to maintain the position. Try to rock while in this position as well in order to best relieve pressure.

3. Cat Stretch
The cat stretch is another exercise that comes from a yoga technique. It involves both stretching your spine and your abdominal muscles. It does require some stability in your knees to complete this exercise effectively.

To start this exercise, you must first get into a crawl position on your hands and knees. You will then arch your spine up just as a cat does when it is afraid. Hold this position for a few seconds, then release it and repeat.

4. Inversion Table
Utilizing an inversion table is an exercise that does not require you to move. It allows gravity to do all the work. Often a chiropractor El Segundo based will have one of these if you can not invest in one.

You will simply lay on the inversion table and hook your ankles in. You tilt back until you are upside down. The pull of gravity will assist in stretching your spine and relieving the pressure in it.

5. Exercise Ball Extension
This exercise requires you to purchase equipment also. You will need to purchase an exercise ball extension. Be sure that it matches your height, however, in order for it to be most effective.

You will lay on your back with it resting against the exercise ball. You will then simply roll backwards on the ball to stretch out your spine. The spine will be stretched and relieved through continued repetition.

Final Thoughts
Spinal decompression exercises can provide relief to back pain, and thankfully there is a spinal decompression chiropractor near you. Find spinal decompression near you through spinal decompression El Segundo. Contact us today for more information.