Soft Tissue Massages For Injury Recovery

Soft Tissue Massages For Injury Recovery

Soft-tissue techniques make up one form of therapeutic massage. These kinds of techniques are used to stimulate blood circulation, promote the release of endorphins, mitigate tension in the muscles and encourage overall relaxation. They are not as invasive as deep-tissue massage techniques, which are often used for more complex injuries and other similar issues. However, these techniques, offered as massage therapy in El Segundo, can be very helpful in promoting overall well-being and recovery from injuries or strains. You’ll find these techniques often used during massages near you at a family chiropractic office, sports medicine, or professional massage therapy spa.

Injuries to muscular tissues lead to the formation of scar tissue, which can reduce the range of motion or functionality of that part of the body. It can cause an increase in pain and sensitivity. Therapeutic massage techniques like Transverse Friction Massage help to reverse the formation of scar tissue and restore functionality and strength to the injured area.

When a muscle is pulled, this effectively shortens it, leading to a reduced range of motion. With the use of the Active Release Technique, the therapist can effectively lengthen the muscle and help it regain its strength. This technique can be useful to prevent further injury as well.

Another soft tissue technique that is used is neurofascial release. Sometimes it is also referred to as myofascial release. This technique is used to address the effects that injuries have on muscle fascia, which absorbs the shock of daily activity. When these structures are injured, muscle contractions cannot be made normally or without pain.

When you have a muscle injury there are a range of processes going on in your body. Soft tissue techniques used in massages near you at Premiere Chiro help stop or reverse the injury process and restore functionality to the area that has been injured. If you’d like to heal your injury, strengthen your muscles and reduce your vulnerability to injury in the future, be sure to contact us for massage therapy in El Segundo today.