Running is Beneficial: Fact or Myth?

Running is Beneficial: Fact or Myth?
1 December

Running is Beneficial: Fact or Myth?

One thing is certain, running is a cheap, fast and easy way of building cardiovascular endurance. One thing that many are unsure of is the safety of the tendons, muscles joints, and bones. Popular beliefs hold that the cartilage suffers from running and eventually translate to arthritis. This was proven to be untrue in 2011 by a systematic review by the American College of Sport Medicine which established that running does not in any way contribute or lead to Arthritis. To buttress this position, a review of a reputable journal in Sweden discovered a significant improvement to the cartilage due to running.

With this already sorted out, follow these tips as you take your legs to the open road;

  • Be Moderate
    Moderation brings out the best in most human activities. By pushing yourself too hard, you are pushing yourself towards injury. If you are new to running, start with shorter distances and build on it.
  • Ensure You Are Fit
    Many people make the mistake of running in order to increase their fitness, that’s wrong. You should have attained some level of fitness before putting your body through the stress of running many miles.
  • Where and What
    Another important criterion to consider before running: Assuming you’ll be running on a beach or a tarred dusty route, you’ll need the required and adequate footwear to run through these terrains.
  • How Fit Are You?
    This doesn’t mean that an overweight person cannot run. Sometimes, even an obese individual might possess a higher level of fitness than an individual with an optimal body weight.

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