PRP Injections Revolutionize Pain Management

7 May

PRP Injections Revolutionize Pain Management

What is PRP Therapy?
PRP Injections have been making big waves in the medical field for its impact on pain while being minimally invasive. It involves platelet-rich plasma which is injected into damaged areas to encourage and boost healing. Before the procedure can begin, the client’s blood is drawn and placed into a centrifuge. This is crucial since other sources of blood are not necessary. The machine then begins to spin rapidly which separates the blood sample into its different layers. This forms a decomposition from which the concentrated layer of platelets is put into a syringe and injected into the damaged area. The key here is to have a higher platelet count in the injured location than usual. El Segundo PRP Injections make sure to have the proper numbers to provide the body the right bonus it needs. This bonus will work to regenerate surrounding cells and spark the repair of wounded cells since platelets are the body’s healing tool. With these effects, the treatment has been shown to effectively reduce pain and provide much-needed relief. This was recognized in several high-profile studies where some of the most common areas of pain were tested. Acute and chronic cases were also studied, with positive results in favor of therapies such as the PRP Injections in El Segundo.

Real Results, Real Relief
In a Hamstring Tendinopathy study, the treatment displayed promising results. Relief for chronic tendon pain was present in the majority of patients. Chiropractors in El Segundo use updated information like this to treat their own patients. In fact, this treatment is also one of the premier therapies in sports such as the NFL. This comes at no surprise since players take heavy beatings on a daily basis in their games, and need to recover quickly to train hard through the season.

For Everyone
Despite its use among sports stars, this treatment is for everyone. For those who have been suffering long-term pain or have been recently injured, searching for ‘PRP injections near me’ is one of their best bets. Before visiting, there are some important things to note about the treatment. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, normal activity may be resumed after receiving the treatment, but this does not include any vigorous activity. In addition, there may be some discomfort in the area of injection for a couple of days after the treatment. However, El Segundo PRP Injections at Premiere Chiro will always strive towards the comfort of the patient and the administering physician will provide patient-specific advice. Ultimately, it is the fusion of science, technology, and physiology that will continue to revolutionize the pain department. Begin your journey to pain relief today by contacting us for chiropractic in El Segundo.

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