Whether you suffer from arthritic pain or pain received from sports injuries, PRP injections are a choice to consider for pain relief. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. The advantage of using this therapy is the fact that the treatment is natural because it is taken right from the body of the patient. The blood of the patient is used and platelets are separated and injected. PRP injections also work well for those who have osteoarthritis whether it is mild or moderate.

Even though PRP does help patients suffering with pain, it should not be relied on to cure the pain all by itself.

PRP injections should be used early when the patient is diagnosed with osteoarthritis, or when no other treatments are helping. The physician needs to learn how much PRP should be used, how often it should be given, and what type of rehabilitation could work best after the injection. It is also necessary for the physician to monitor patients after the injections especially if they are taking blood thinners.

It is important to do research before choosing a physician for PRP injection therapy. Finding a physician who does PRP injections near me is very important for those who are looking for an effective pain alleviator. Locating a physician who does PRP injections in El Segundo is the best option for those who are interested in this type of treatment. The doctor should have a success rate and experience in using PRP injections. A chiropractor El Segundo would make an educated choice. El Segundo PRP injections can be done safely by a chiropractor in practice at that location.

PRP injections in El Segundo can also treat sports injuries in a quick and efficient manner. These injections work very well in the healing of muscle or tendon injuries.

Premiere Chiro located in El Segundo will be able to help those who have tried other treatments before that have failed. This treatment can enable you to get back the healthy and active lifestyle that you are accustomed to.