Prenatal Massage Therapy

1 November

Prenatal Massage Therapy

When you’re pregnant, there are many types of self-care that you may be interested in. In this particular blog, we will be discussing prenatal massage therapy. When you’re pregnant, massage therapy in El Segundo is a great way to enhance circulation and reduce stress in your body. A simple massage can do wonders for alleviating discomfort throughout your body. Some of the most commonly treated are a stiff neck, leg cramps, backaches, edema, and headaches. During pregnancy, your weight-bearing joints can become overstressed due to the additional load on your body. Massages can work to alleviate that stress. Many women tend to experience bouts of depression or anxiety while pregnant. A prenatal massage is a great way to relax that nervous tension in the body. This release of tension usually leads to better sleep for the patient.

Getting a prenatal therapeutic massage El Segundo is quite similar to getting a regular massage, with just some slight differences. In most cases, you’ll be placed into a side-lying position that allows for more support of your lower back and pelvic area. Depending on the trimester that you’re in, you may enjoy a massage in El Segundo more when lying on your back with a cushioned pillow support. Your chiropractor El Segundo will work with you to discover what the most comfortable position is for your body so that you can relax and enjoy your prenatal massage. You’ll experience a combination of various massage techniques alongside reflexology during your session.

Benefits of a Prenatal Massage Treatment
When you’re pregnant, you’ll likely try anything that is safe and healthy to alleviate the daily symptoms you experience. Massages are a great drug-free way of treating your conditions without having to worry about how it will affect your baby. Here are some of the everyday symptoms that a prenatal massage can address.
Headaches: Massage techniques applied to the head, shoulders, and neck can reduce tension and stress in this area. It will alleviate tension headaches and migraines while reducing the number of muscle spasms that you experience.
Muscle tension: Massage works to increase blood circulation throughout the body. This allows for more nutrient-rich oxygen to get in and get rid of toxins.
Muscle aches: Massage stimulates the body’s natural release of its anti-pain chemical, serotonin, into the body.
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