Premiere What To Do After A Ligament Strain Or A Sprain

Premiere What To Do After A Ligament Strain Or A Sprain

If you suffer a strain or sprain, then the best thing that you can do is find a doctor who specializes in sports medicine near you. It is much better for you to get the problem assessed and treated early. You may think that you just have a soft tissue or ligament injury. However, you may have a dislocation, bone bruising or hairline fracture.

There are also benefits that you can reap from seeing a doctor early.

– Reduced need for drugs
– Less pain
– Quicker recovery time
– Less time off from work

How to Manage a Sports Injury

chiropractor El Segundo will recommend rest for anyone who has suffered a sprain or strain. You should not do anything that will worsen the pain for two or three days after your injury.

Ice and Heat
It is best for you to ice the injury for the first two or three days. You will need to apply ice to the area for 20 minutes at a time every two three hours. Ice can be effective for reducing pain or swelling.

You do not want to use heat for two days after the injury. Heat can slow down the healing process if it applied too early because it can encourage bleeding. You can use heat two or three days after your injury. The heat helps by increasing blood flow. It can also alleviate pain and help you relax your muscles.

Using a Compression Bandage
You can use a compression bandage to control swelling or bleeding.

Elevating the injured part can help reduce swelling. You should keep the injured part elevated above your heart.

What Happens if You Don’t do Anything
If you do not do anything after an injury, then it will take much longer to heal. You may also be in pain longer. Joint stiffness, muscle weakness and abnormal scar formation are also likely to occur.