Premiere Massage Therapy Techniques

Premiere Massage Therapy Techniques

Are you in need of massage therapy? Were you involved in an accident and suffered traumatic injuries? Maybe you were hurt at work or injured at birth? Perhaps you have been dealing with chronic pain and significant mobility issues as a result of your injuries or debilitating medical conditions. If so, here are some therapeutic massage options that may help alleviate your pain and discomfort as well as improve your quality of life.

1.Myofascial Release–This technique involves the physical stretching and manipulation of the fascia tissue to improve circulation and balance the body. Fascia is a layer of connective tissue that lies between the skin, muscle and bone. It is a protective network that covers and connects the organs, muscles, and skeletal structures that make up our bodies. Many factors, such as stress, trauma, poor posture, birth complications, and other injuries, can affect the health and integrity of the fascia. The purpose of myofascial release is to minimize fascia restriction and damage as well as restore circulation and function to the compromised tissues.

2.Trigger Point Therapy–This approach is a bodywork technique that involves the application of pressure to damaged muscle tissue in order to relieve pain and restore function to other areas of the body. These compromised tissues, or trigger points, are identified by regions of muscular hyperactivity, which are often linked to acupuncture points. A prime example of trigger points are those muscular knots or spasms that people often complain about.

3.Swedish Massage–This therapy usually involves a variety or combination of massage techniques including percussion, kneading, gliding strokes, friction, vibration, as well as passive and active movements, among other approaches. These combined applications have proven quite beneficial to many different types of patients.

For those seeking massage therapy in El Segundo, these applications may be prescribed in addition to, or in lieu of, chiropractic adjustment. It depends on the individual, the status of their injuries or condition, and how they respond to the treatment plan. It is best to recognize that every person is unique and will respond to these applications in a distinct way.

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