Post Physical Therapy: Short-Term Soreness Leads to Long-Term Health

Post Physical Therapy: Short-Term Soreness Leads to Long-Term Health

Physical therapists and chiropractors can help you put your body back in order after injury or surgery. Some of these treatments may just be about structural alignment, but others can involve new muscle group movements. Whether stretching or lifting, you may be sore afterward.

New Muscle Growth
Whatever the reason for your physical therapy near me appointments, you’re going to use your body in different ways. If you experience delayed onset muscle soreness from a session with your therapist, review their physical therapy aftercare instructions. You may be instructed to ice the area, or elevate the sore limb.

Muscle Scarring or Damage
If you’ve had ruptured muscle, or an incision, such as abdominal surgery, you may find that the newly healed muscle is less flexible and may “pull” as you exercise. When working with your physical therapy El Segundo professional, ask about ways to encourage this scarred muscle to relax and release.

As you work your way through your El Segundo Physical Therapy, you may accidentally overdo it. Even if you don’t re-injure the original damage, you may suffer from burning or muscle cramping. Your first step is to stop, drink some water, and ice any burning muscles. Cramps will need to be gently stretched out, but water is key to preventing the next round of muscle cramps.

If you’ve got a damaged or pulled muscle that has impacted your gait or your posture, you’ll likely need to seek out chiropractic in El Segundo. Lower back pain, in particular, can come from a variety of sources, so work with a chiropractor to help you get your body back in alignment. The muscles around the strain, trained by El Segundo Physical Therapy, will stay looser if your alignment is correct.

Keep an Eye on the Goal
When looking for physical therapy near me, remember that your long-term goal is to get strong enough to avoid further damage and misalignment, especially of your spine. Yes, your physical therapy El Segundo professional will study exactly how you move and help you to build healthy form. You will likely be sore after these sessions. However, ordinary muscle soreness is a small price to pay to enjoy increased strength and proper alignment from feet to forehead. Stay hydrated during your workouts and eat within 30 minutes of a hard workout to avoid soreness.

Building strength takes guidance and hard work. Your therapy process, chiropractic health and eventual workout routine can all help you get to a place where you no longer need regular physical therapy and only require occasional chiropractor El Segundo care. Strong muscles keep properly aligned spines in place.