Play Video Games for Back Pain Relief? What Researchers Are Saying

Play Video Games for Back Pain Relief? What Researchers Are Saying

Can playing video games really help ease back pain? Well – that’s what researchers are saying at the University of Sydney. They found playing certain games increases participants’ involvement with physical therapy!

Lower back pain affects nearly 80% of Americans – both young and old. Treatments and medical expenses alone amount to over $100 billion a year. Most people often turn to a doctor to treat their musculoskeletal concerns. But they should be seeing a certified physical therapist instead.

As we get older, the likelihood of experiencing back pain increases. According to Healthline, the discs between joints will start to shrink. It simultaneously puts pressure on surrounding structures. And the last thing you need is to lose sleep, mobility and see adverse changes in your health.

The Study

  • Researchers introduced Nintendo Wii Fit U to adults 55+ experiencing back pain
  • They participated for 60 minutes, 3x a week to aid with rehabilitation


  • After six months, the participants who played Wii Fit U saw significant improvement in pain and mobility
  • Older adults tend to gravitate toward at-home therapies instead of relying on costly exercise programs
  • The video games provided adequate instructions, performance feedback, and the interaction needed
  • It proved effective – especially with those who frequently visited a physical therapist

Should I Skip Physical Therapy Altogether?

While this is a promising new study, we recommend booking appointments for in-person chiropractic care at Premiere. Using Wii Fit U to keep active during the week is a great addition to your regular sessions! However, it cannot give you the long-term solutions you need.

Our goal is to help you understand why you are experiencing discomfort and heal your back pain without surgery. Finding at-home remedies online, using topical creams, and taking Tylenol or Aleve don’t always do the trick! Instead, give us a call to schedule your first appointment with our team.