Physical Therapy For Athletes

Physical Therapy For Athletes

Some of us have had them, but we’ve all seen them, which are the injuries that plague an athlete. A serious injury can be the one that never fully heals or the one that sidelines a career. Injuries can have a profound impact.

Injuries can happen to any athlete, young or old, for a variety of reasons including:

  • Overuse
  • Fatigue
  • Poor Training or Form
  • Inadequate Warm-Up or Cool-Down
  • Failure to Cross-Train
  • Dehydration
  • Improper or Incomplete Rehabilitation of an Old Injury
  • Muscular Imbalance

However, keep in mind that this list is incomplete. Often times, an injury is due to a combination of factors. A common theme includes lack of formal training and limited time. Perhaps skipping stretching became a habit? Or time wasn’t available to cross-train this month? Whatever the reason, many injuries are preventable and most do not have to cause permanent limitations if treated properly.

It is crucial to have all injuries evaluated. The vast majority of athletes, amateur to seasoned, will require rehabilitation of an injury at some point in their athletic career.

Physical therapy El Segundo is designed to address individual characteristics that increase injury potential while correcting unresolved dysfunction from old injuries. Research has consistently demonstrated a long-term loss of proprioception, which is the body’s ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium, from injuries, especially those involving the extremities. Without appropriate intervention, such as rehabilitation from El Segundo physical therapy, minor injuries cause chronic dysfunction, poor response time and instability leading to even further body damage and risk.

In addition to acute injuries, individual limitations and chronic dysfunctions, seeking out professional services offering physical therapy near me is imperative for access to expert knowledge on the repetitive stress the body is subjected to during certain activities or sports. This knowledge allows the rehabilitative expert to tailor care towards imbalances or overuse syndromes before an injury happens.

Injuries can sideline the best athlete. Being proactive when an injury occurs can go a long way towards prevention of future injuries. Seeing the physical therapy specialists at Premiere Chiropractic is step one for optimizing athletic performance. Take your athleticism to the next level with an evaluation by a chiropractor El Segundo. Prioritize your best health, honing balance, strength and flexibility, while perfecting proper biomechanics with regular chiropractic care.

Our goal, like your goal, is to ensure you that you are able to live your best life!