Physical Therapy for Arthritis

Physical Therapy for Arthritis

Physical therapy is there to help patients get back to moving their body safely and effectively. With the help of licensed physical therapists, you can experience examination, diagnosis, and treatment of various physical health conditions, such as arthritis. By working diligently with a professional at El Segundo Physical Therapy, you can better get back to moving like you used to.

Goals Of Physical Therapy
When you undergo physical therapy El Segundo, you want to have some clear goals from the very start. This gives you a future target to aim for that allows you to focus your efforts throughout the entire rehabilitation process. With arthritis, the goal is to improve your mobility and restore the use of the affected arthritic joints. By doing so, you can increase the strength of the support joints and continue to maintain a healthy level of fitness for regular activities.

How Can Physical Therapy Help You?
By searching, “physical therapy near me,” you will find a professional who will assist you in creating an individualized recovery treatment plan that focuses on improving your coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. Licensed specialists will work to teach you proper posture for your body to help relieve pain caused by poor posture. This ultimately improves the function of your body’s mechanics.

Your chiropractor El Segundo can help recommend different treatment options to help relieve stress and keep your body active. Some of these options include hot and cold therapy, shoe inserts, braces, splits, walkers, and canes. These suggested modifications don’t stop with your body either. They’ll make recommendations for changing your existing home and work environment to help improve your functionality. Some changes may be cushioned mats in your kitchen and ergonomic chairs throughout your home.

What Will A Typical Physical Therapy Session Entail?
When you go to your sessions, you should already have your goals and treatment plan laid out. The therapist will help you to perform the necessary treatments within your plan. This way, you learn how to perform them effectively to make your body grow stronger. Most of your physical therapy sessions will be fairly short and to the point. The therapist’s job is to simply help you execute your treatment plan in an effective manner.

As each session goes by, they’ll work to assess how your body is responding to the treatment plan they’ve laid out for you. You may notice that additional recommendations may come on different types of treatments. Think of your physical therapist as your aid for getting through arthritis and getting back to your normal level of mobility.