Physical Rehab For Your Knee

Physical Rehab For Your Knee

Knee injuries are one of the more common ailments, particularly in athletes and active people. Injuries often require physical therapy or even surgery. Arthritis and knee tendinitis are also common causes of pain around the knee joint and, if left unattended and unexercised, the pain will only worsen. While you might be feeling a lot of pain, thinking that getting up on your feet and moving around is the last thing you want to do, undergoing some form of physical therapy (or “PT”) is crucial for recovery.

PT or rehab with a sports medicine specialist will alleviate joint and muscle pain. Trained professionals will be able to identify the right time to start rehabbing your knee, and it is not a process that you should initiate on your own, for risk of causing further damage. Licensed professionals will use a variety of tried and true methods to help re-strengthen the muscles surrounding the knees and allow the joint to move smoothly and freely. These treatments include stretches, exercises, massage, electrical nerve and/or muscle stimulation,

The intensity of your injury or pain will dictate which type of treatment is most suitable for you. Some will only require PT, others will need surgery. Nevertheless, chiropractic treatment may also be an option, so be sure to explore chiropractor el segundo for more information.

Whether you undergo PT with a sports medicine doctor or a chiropractor, your first session will be treated as an assessment. Damage and current level of strength will be measured, and the professional will design an individualized treatment plan for you. From then on, sessions will be characterized by strength-training exercises and physical adjustments.

Your doctor or physical therapist will be able to give an estimate of how long PT will be needed. Because knee injuries can have long lasting negative effects, he or she might recommend undergoing treatment multiple times a week for six weeks or longer. Again, this will also be affected by whether or not you’ve undergone surgery. Progress might be slow, but remain diligent to the therapeutic process. Together with your doctor, you will be able to make progress at a healthy pace, recovering as your body needs.