New scoliosis surgery gives hope to retain mobility

New scoliosis surgery gives hope to retain mobility

Scoliosis is a spinal condition that receives about three million new diagnoses per year in the United States alone. While some patients don’t need surgery to function, others may find themselves dealing with limited mobility in their spine after undergoing fusion surgery. Luckily, a new surgery is showing promise to return patients to a high level of mobility.

This new surgery was just approved by the FDA last year and has already been proven successful. A 14-year old softball player, Ashley Miller, was given the option to remain in her brace for another year and eventually undergo fusion surgery or try out this fresh FDA-approved surgery. At the time, her chiropractor El Segundo diagnosed her with a severe spinal curvature of between 50 and 60 percent.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spinal condition where there is a curve in the spine at a 40-degree or greater angle. Those who reach this 40-degree threshold before they reach the age of skeletal maturity are more likely to progress into a more severe curve. Most people will move at a progression of one to two degrees per year.

A Look at the Newest Scoliosis Surgery

This new scoliosis treatment El Segundo uses a screw and synthetic cord. Traditional fusion surgery was performed with a metal rod and fusing the spine together. This new surgery uses an individual screw in each vertebra and tethers them together with a synthetic cord. The tether is intended to realign the curve of the spine over time.

Ashley has so far found success with the surgery. In fact, her spine is already starting to straighten back out, according to her chiropractor El Segundo. And Ashley found herself back on the field within a couple of weeks after her surgery. She’s one happy camper and ready to enjoy a life without spinal problems.

While this surgery may sound like a dream come true for Ashley, it’s not yet approved for older adults. This surgery works because Ashley is only 14 and has some growing to do. The tethering system allows the curve to decrease as her body grows.

Who Diagnoses Scoliosis?

The best chiropractor near me can assist in diagnosing scoliosis. If they believe that you have this condition, they will refer you to a neurologic physician. Once referred, you’ll undergo x-rays to help diagnose your condition. Then, you’ll be given a recommendation about the best scoliosis treatment El Segundo.

Chiropractics in El Segundo can continue to be a part of your treatment team. It’s important that you let the best chiropractor near me know about your scoliosis condition so that they can alter their treatment for your condition.

It’s a good idea to visit chiropractics in El Segundo to keep your spine in check via manual manipulation. Getting chiropractic treatment at a young age is a great way to detect early warning signs of scoliosis. It’s also been shown as a way to alleviate stress, enhance posture, and simply feel good.