Nerve HydroDissection

Nerve HydroDissection

When a person is suffering from carpal tunnel it can be very painful. This nerve damage can limit the range of motion from the hand. There is help for people suffering from this medical condition. They can see a doctor that practices sports medicine for rehabilitation services. They can also see our chiropractor El Segundo for addition exercises. A person can even choose to have hydrodissection to fix the damage that has been done to the nerves of the hand.

Nerve hydrodissection can help treat different forms of carpal tunnel. In some cases the nerve has scar tissue that is surrounding it and this tissue is also aggregating the surrounding tendons. The latest in ultrasound imaging is used to find the exact location where the nerve is being irritated and get a look at the carpal tunnel that is affecting the hand. This information is then used in the procedure. A small amount of fluid is injected into the area with the purpose of breaking up this scar tissue and allowing the nerve to be able to move on its own once again.

The fluid that is injected into the affected area often is a corticosteroid and has an anti inflammatory effect on the hand. This will help reduce swelling in the hand and will speed up the healing time. Added into the fluid may be stem cell plasma so the body will be able to repair itself.

This process for treating carpal tunnel is still being examined. Many in the medical field state that it is a safe alternative to surgery. In addition to restorative therapies hydrodissection can help a person get a range of motion back to their hand and will allow them to be in less pain. The process is less invasive as well. A person will not have to be cut open. All that is done with a simple injection. While there will be some internal swelling there is not a great deal of downtime and a person will be able to work on getting the full use of their hand back in no time.

This procedure is new and medical professionals are just beginning to use it to treat patients. A sports medicine doctor can provide more information about this process. After the hydrodissection is performed a person can see our chiropractor El Segundo to help them restore movement to their hand and get their tendon working properly once again.