Muscle Strains

Muscle Strains

Just as your bones are prone to injury, so are your muscles. The symptoms of muscle strains can vary from light to severe pain. Depending on the location where the strain occurs, it may inhibit your ability to walk or even stand up. Throughout this article, you are going to learn more about prevention, symptoms, and treatment of muscle strains.

What is a muscle strain?

The idea of straining a muscle can be confusing for some people to grasp. Essentially, a muscle strain is the name used to describe a muscle that has been overstretched or torn. While muscle strains can occur in any muscle, some areas such as the hamstrings and lower back are more susceptible.

What causes muscle strains?

Typically, muscle strains are caused by improper warm-up. This means that if you do not stretch your muscles and get them loose prior to using them, they are more likely to experience a strain. Sometimes, muscle strains can still occur despite proper warm-up. Another common cause of muscle strains is slipping or falling. Both situations can force your muscles to be overstretched and become injured. Improper form while lifting heavy objects has also caused a lot of people to strain a back muscle.

How can you prevent muscle strains?

The best way to prevent a muscle strain is to not put yourself in the position to get one. The first thing that you need to do is always warm up prior to physical activity. Doing so will lessen the likelihood of getting a muscle strain tremendously. In regards to slipping, the best thing to do is use shoes designed for the surface you are walking or running on and use proper cleats if you are playing sports. When it comes to lifting heavy objects, always be sure to use your legs and not your back.

What to do if you strain a muscle?

Despite the efforts that people take to prevent a muscle strain, they can still happen. On the bright side, a little rehabilitation and time will have you all healed up again. Light muscle strains can be dealt with at home with ice and rest. Serious muscle strains may require light rehabilitation to be healed properly.

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