Massage Therapy to Strengthen Your Immune System

Massage Therapy to Strengthen Your Immune System

Believe it or not, vitamins are not the only thing to strengthen your immune system. Massage therapy can be used to strengthen your immune system as well. Massage therapy in El Segundo attracts many people that are willing to see just how massage therapy can benefit them. It has been proven that many people that undergo massage therapy treatment experience drastic changes in both their endocrine response and immune system.

Swedish massage in general can help people experience changes in lymphocytes. This is a white blood cell that helps to play a big role in defending the body from diseases. It is the white blood cells that help to fight off viruses when you are sick. Another benefit from receiving a Swedish massage is that it helps to cause a large decrease in arginine vasopressin. This hormone plays a role in aggressive behavior. Many people do know that massage naturally decreases the stress hormone which is cortisol. For those in the California area, a massage in El Segundo will help. There are many in the area to choose from.

For those that are HIV positive, massage tends to have a big impact on the immune systems of HIV positive adolescents. It is great for improving immune function overall. For women that have been diagnosed with stage 1 and 2 breast cancer, massage also plays a big role in improving immunity. There are a variety of ways that massage can treat health issues. It also alleviates arthritis and joint pain, stimulates the circulatory and hormonal systems, regulates the automatic nervous system activity, and it helps to improve posture and joint issues.

Anyone can take advantage of a therapeutic massage El Segundo. They also offer Swedish massages, and many other massages that help with the immune system. A chiropractor El Segundo may also be beneficial, as they can provide the same types of massages that a regular massage clinic can.

Even though people go have massages because they feel great on the body, just one single massage alone can deliver substantial results for the immune system.