Major weight loss—whether from surgery or diet—has same metabolic benefits

Major weight loss—whether from surgery or diet—has same metabolic benefits

Obesity is dangerous, and weight loss in any format can reduce those dangers. While rapid weight loss is hard on the body, the end benefits can be well worth the risk. If you’re seeking assistance to lose weight, consider seeking out assistance from all medical professionals who can help you protect your health.

Surgical Options
If the idea of gastric bypass has been suggested to you for weight loss El Segundo, be aware that recent studies indicate that the rapid reduction of adipose tissue does have some therapeutic benefit, particularly for those with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetic symptoms. Contact our chiropractor El Segundo to help you control spinal or joint pain caused by arthritis. Continue that therapy regardless of your weight loss methodology, as improvements in pain and inflammation levels are not as strong as the metabolic improvements brought on by rapid weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting
On your own, you can also try intermittent fasting to gain control of weight management El Segundo. This fasting process doesn’t mean the cessation of all eating, but the setting of a schedule of eating, then a longer period of not eating. To gain the fullest benefits of weight management near me through intermittent fasting, make sure to eat a diet loaded with healthy foods that are low in both sugar and fat. You must also be sure to drink plenty of water during both the eating and the fasting times.

The high-protein, high-fat, and very low glucose diet known as keto has long been touted as an ideal method for weight loss El Segundo. If your concerns are gaining access to better fasting blood sugar levels, be aware that weight loss via keto doesn’t immediately link to lower blood sugar levels. While there is some evidence that a low carb diet can help those with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetic insulin resistance, experts in weight management El Segundo recommend stringent blood sugar maintenance via prescribed medications during the keto diet process.

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)
Monitored VLCD programs for quick weight loss prior to a medical procedure such as gastric bypass are effective methods of Medical Weight Loss, but the risks are substantial. First off, 25% of participants drop out; the program is very hard. Additionally, this method of weight management near me is costly. Finally, it can be very hard on your body and carries a risk of everything from gallstones to hair loss to the cessation of menstruation.

Slow Weight Loss
For those with uncontrollable diabetes, a rapid weight loss therapy can be the fastest way back to better health, or at least getting your blood sugar back into maintenance. However, if you can find a slower weight loss program and an exercise plan that can help you manage your blood sugar, build muscle and reduce your stress, you can rebuild your health without rapid weight loss methods. If your pain level makes exercise difficult, make an appointment with the best chiropractor near you for an adjustment. You may also want to see a personal trainer to build an exercise plan with good form to reduce the risk of injuries.

No matter your method of weight loss, if you have a lot to lose, a reduction of adipose or fat tissue can be very good for your health over time. Seek the help of skilled, caring professionals and get your weight down, your blood sugar under control and your body moving as soon as you can.