Knots in Your Neck? How to Try a Trigger Point Massage to Release Them

Knots in Your Neck? How to Try a Trigger Point Massage to Release Them

A pain in the neck is nothing to mess around with. Tight neck muscles can lead to shoulder problems, headaches, and even problems using your hands. Worse, every time you need to lift your chin or turn your head, you’re reminded that something is messed up.

Trigger Point Massage Can Help
If you suffer from seized muscles anywhere in your body, you know how uncomfortable and unpleasant it can be to try to try to get the muscle to release. Functionally, the muscle is having a panic response, or “freak out” to a state of misalignment in your spine. Of course, the spasm isn’t helping the misalignment.

Visit us for chiropractic and massage and try a self-managed massage for neck pain. Our chiropractor near LAX is ready to help. Find the seized muscle and press firmly into the tight spot. It’s unlikely that you will injure the muscle, though the pressure will be pretty uncomfortable while you’re applying it. If it releases, stretch carefully to try to correct the misalignment.

Get a Professional To Fix It
If you can’t get the muscle to release, or if it comes right back, seek out massage therapy in El Segundo. Carefully monitor the site for any numbness,tingling or zapping pain; this is an indication that the injury is more than just muscle tension. For the best results, consider looking for massage in El Segundo that’s connected to a chiropractor’s office. Once the muscles are released, you’re going to want someone to check out your spinal alignment to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Working with both a professional practitioner of therapeutic massage El Segundo and the best chiropractor near me, it may take a couple of sessions to fix the underlying problem, but you can leave the office confident that the neck knots won’t return.

Get Into Maintenance
With the help of your chiropractor and massage therapy in El Segundo, you can figure out what triggered the spasm. Is it your computer desk, or your sleeping form? Do you have an exercise program that puts pressure on your neck? If the spasms come back and you need more massage in El Segundo, you will need to take a look at your exercises and activities to see what’s causing the misalignment that’s leading to spasms.

In addition to chiropractic care and therapeutic massage El Segundo, you may need to work with a physical therapist or a personal trainer to build the strength you need to maintain proper alignment. It really only takes one or two bad bouts of neck pain to change up how you’re moving or to improve your workout routine. You can feel better, with proper care and a logical exercise program.