How to Avoid Back and Neck Pain While Working From Home

How to Avoid Back and Neck Pain While Working From Home

When many people start working at home, they miss their office desk within the first few weeks because of neck and back pains when working from home. Specialists at chiropractor El Segundo say that the pains mainly occur because of the limited body movements and elevated stress levels. Our chiropractor El Segundo, specializes in correcting any defects of the neck and the back. We have outlined some helpful tips on avoiding neck and back pain while working from home.

Do Abdominal Exercises
Having a strong abdominal is one way to reduce your back pain. Therefore, it would help if you did abdominal exercises often. However, if you already have back pain, doing the abdominal strengthening exercises will worsen your pain. Instead of doing the tough exercises, try holding yourself in yoga plank poses. You can do this by lying on your stomach then lifting your body so that your hands and toes support you. Stay in the position as long as you can for the best results. But if you do not currently have any back pains, abdominal exercises would be best for you. However, if the exercises are a bit tough for you to do them on your own, you can search for “best chiropractor near me” or visit our office for chiropractic in El Segundo, and our specialists will be happy to assist you.

Avoid Staring at Your Phone
When you keep staring down at your phone, your neck curves into a C shape, making your neck hurt. Generally, it is because your head is quite heavy, and the further the head is from the shoulders, the more it strains the neck muscles. It makes your neck bones start mushing together, which makes you feel pain in your neck. Therefore, it would be best to limit the amount of unnecessary time you spend looking at your phone. However, if you can’t avoid looking at your phone, try looking at it straight on instead of looking down.

Sit Upright
When you sit and are busy working, you should always think about the curve on your back and try to preserve it as much as possible. Ensure that your computer screen is square with your body. As such, you should not put your laptop on your lap because you will have to hunch over when you are using it. Try putting it on a table in a good position that will not strain your neck and back muscles.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach
Sleeping on your belly is the worst form of sleeping position. While you are sleeping in such a position, you will need to turn your neck either to the left or the right, which creates a neck strain. It would be best to sleep on your back because it will help maintain the spine’s curvature. Additionally, you can also sleep on your side with a pillow between both your knees. Both positions are healthy and will help in supporting your neck.

All these strategies are effective in controlling and preventing neck and back pains when working from home. Visit us for chiropractic in El Segundo. We are always open and ready to assist you if you are having persistent back pains.