How do PRP Injections Relieve Pain?

How do PRP Injections Relieve Pain?

If you’ve researched the latest technology for back-related problems, it’s likely you’ve heard of PRP Injections. These are medically referred to as platelet-rich plasma treatments. These are becoming an invaluable tool for treating sports-related injuries and other orthopedic injuries. PRP injections are known to allow patients to heal much faster and avoid invasive treatments.

What Are PRP Injections?
PRP injections near me can seem like a mystery for some. It’s important to note that this form of treatment has been in practice for decades. It’s in the field of regenerative medicine, which still seems somewhat peculiar to patients. Hopefully, by learning more about El Segundo PRP injections, we can get you more familiar with how this practice can help your injuries.

To make things as simple as possible, PRP injections in El Segundo are simply blood plasma that has a high level of platelets. These PRP injections are crafted by taking a small amount of a patient’s blood and then the blood is separated into different layers. These include platelets, white blood cells, plasma, and red blood cells. The platelets are then mixed with a very small amount of plasma to make the PRP mixture.

Who Uses PRP Injections?
Any chiropractor El Segundo may use this type of injection to treat a patient who has back injuries. A sports medicine doctor may treat a patient who has an ankle issue. Either way, the injection is administered to the specific location of the body where the injury or damage has occurred. When this process happens, the medical professional uses fluoroscopic or ultrasonic imagery. This allows them to see ‘inside of the body’ so they know they’re injecting the right part of the body.

How Do PRP Injections Improve Healing?
As you learned above, PRP injections can speed up the healing process. This is because the platelets that are contained in the PRP injection mixture contain over 30 bioactive proteins. These proteins are used in the human body as a healing mechanism. Each of these proteins secretes seven different protein growth factors. These growth factors trigger the process of wound healing within the human body.

While this process may seem highly complex, it gets easier to understand when it’s broken down into chunks. The whole concept is to understand the PRP injections are using what your body naturally supplies to heal wounds. However, it’s like turning up the healing amplifier a few notches.