Getting the Right Type of Massage

Getting the Right Type of Massage

When someone is choosing the massage technique they want, it could be considered a heavenly dilemma. It’s important to realize this choice is an important one. Your current physical condition and health is a consideration. There are certain options available for the best therapeutic benefits of having a massage. Massage therapy in El Segundo can help a person decide which massage is best or them.

Sports Massage
This is an excellent massage for treating and preventing injury before and after an athletic event. It can also improve performance. Some people who run half-marathons will have a sports massage on the day of the event and the day after they finish. It is a fast massage technique Stretching is also a common part of the sports massage technique. Massage in El Segundo knows this is an effective way to eliminate the lactic acid buildup in a person’s muscles.

Swedish Massage
This is an excellent massage for stress relief, relaxation or as a first massage. It is made to warm up a person’s muscle tissues, ease soreness, tension and release toxins. The strokes used during this massage are slower and longer than many other types of massage. It can be performed with the hands and sometimes the forearms. Swedish massage can be done with lighter or deeper pressure. The strokes from the lower back and shoulders are longer.

Deep Tissue Massage
This is the best type of massage for chronic muscle pain and tightness as well as postural problems, recovering from injury and repetitive strain. It is a combination of different techniques used to raise the level of pressure applied to a person’s body. Deep tissue massage is part of getting therapeutic massage El Segundo. It is usually done using an elbow or forearm to increase the pressure into the tissue. There are three specific types of deep tissue massage.

*Friction is a technique used to create heat. It can bring more concentrated blood flow into an area of a person’s body.

*Petrissage is a massage that uses a movement that appears like kneading bread. A massage therapist will utilize this technique to get the blood flowing into a traumatized area of a person’s body.

Another less common type is tapotement. This utilizes karate chopping but can also be done in other ways. The main characteristic of this type of deep tissue massage is its motion that is rapid and rhythmic and involves tapping.

Hot Stone Massage
This is an excellent massage for easing muscle tension without using deep pressure. It is also good for maximizing massage time. The shape of the stone makes it possible for a therapist to use special beneficial massage techniques. The round edge of a stone could be used near a shoulder blade on the neck or lower back area. It can relax a person’s tissue between their bones. The stone transfers heat into a person’s body enabling a therapist to work more efficiently.

Most massage therapists are trained in deep tissue as well as Swedish massage. A good therapeutic massage provider will want to know a person’s goals, health history, lifestyle challenges and more. This will help them match a person with the best massage for their individual situation. Chiropractor El Segundo can help you with getting the proper massage that can benefit you in many ways.