Getting the Best Out of Athletes with Acupuncture

Getting the Best Out of Athletes with Acupuncture
1 December

Getting the Best Out of Athletes with Acupuncture

Athletes and their handlers are always on the lookout for novel means of improving field performance without breaking rules. This is what has led those in the sports industry to discover acupuncture as a means to increase performance and ability. Aside from that, the quick healing benefits of acupuncture have also been established.

According to Oriental medicine, acupuncture helps to increase the flow of life energy which it calls “Qi”. In the process, it will help the body to remove imbalances that hinder full performance. Today, sports centers hire acupuncturists to help prepare the athletes and put them in their best shape. Even athletes at their peak and prime utilize acupuncture, one of such is the 7-foot-tall Chinese basketball player, Yao Ming. He relies on acupuncture for the healing of his ankle.

In order to determine the contribution of acupuncture to athlete performance, several types of research have been conducted. One of their findings is the increase in anaerobic in male athletes which allows for longer bodywork. Our acupuncture therapy in El Segundo can help to heal wounds, reduce swellings, muscle cramps and inflammation.

You can rely on acupuncture therapy in the healing of muscle pulls, shin splints, runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, hamstring strain and much more. Do you have any injury, or do you intend to improve your performance and optimize your abilities? You should consider our acupuncture therapy in El Segundo.

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