Electrotherapy for Pain Relieve

Electrotherapy for Pain Relieve

Premiere Chiropractic and Sports Medicine has been dealing with providing their clients with information about sports injury and rehabilitation equipment. They are the leading clinic for chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, sports medicine, and physical therapy in El Segundo.

Their physiotherapists have used electrotherapy over the years as a tool to enhance the process of tissue repair and control the levels of pain for injured people. Electrotherapy covers a broad area and ultrasound is one of them.

Using ultrasound for physical therapy involves applying a conductive gel which helps in the transmission of sound waves through the skin surface, then moving an ultrasonic head over the affected area. The beam transports charged particles through high-frequency waves. This form of therapy can be used for both acute and chronic conditions to heal ligament injuries or swelling. The process takes about fifteen to twenty minutes and is painless. Patients report feeling warmth of the tissues. The heat energy produced during the ultrasound helps in increasing blood flow into the affected area. It also does therapeutic massage for the tendons to stimulate the production of collagen which is the main protein component of soft tissues and helps in the easing of pain.

Another form of electrotherapy is known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). This type of therapy uses an electronic device that sends impulses through the skin via electrodes to help in easing pain. This technique stimulates the nerves not to send pain signals to the brain, or trigger the brain to produce endorphins and enkephalins which are natural painkillers stored in our bodies.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is also a typical physical therapy technique used by our chiropractor el segundo. Here, electrical impulses are used to stimulate muscle contractions. A machine generates the electrical impulses which are then delivered on the specific muscles under treatment through pads that stick to the skin. People use EMS for endurance training of the muscles.

Our chiropractor el segundo has also championed the use of therapeutic massage as an alternative pain reliever and muscle relaxation method. There are various techniques used in this form of restorative treatment from passive joint techniques, massaging of the pressure points, and the use of heated stones to melt away tension.

Electrotherapy has had many health benefits, compared to the use of painkillers it targets the specific source of pain. Because the patients gets electrical pulses, there is no fear that one would become addicted because it is non-habit forming and has no additives. Through electrotherapy, the body is helped to heal faster than normal because the body focuses on healing and not the pain.

There are areas in the body the devices should not be used such as internally or on reproductive organs. Most people have said they prefer this form of therapy because it helps them recover faster and there are few or no side effects involved with the therapy.