DIY: Relieving Pain, Nausea, and Anxiety With Acupressure Massage

DIY: Relieving Pain, Nausea, and Anxiety With Acupressure Massage
29 November

DIY: Relieving Pain, Nausea, and Anxiety With Acupressure Massage

Therapeutic massage can help relieve pain, nausea, and anxiety from your body. You just have to understand your pressure points and how to exploit them to your own good health. Based on the experience and expertise of massage therapists in El Segundo, you can understand acupressure massage at home.

Acupressure originates from the Chinese who believe some pressure lines known as the meridian runs through the human body. The meridians connect our fingers, brains and every other organ in the human body. However, the Chinese believe that any blockage in the meridians leads to ill health and can only be unblocked using Acupressure massage.

There are many pressure points along the human body meridians, but you should target these ones for your therapeutic massage:

  • Pericardium Pressure Point
    Just at the deep bottom of your palms, there is a groove in between the two large tendons. A pressure on this point will help combat post-surgery nausea, motion sickness, and pregnancy sickness.
  • Spleen Pressure Point
    This is about three fingers deep into your inner ankle bone on the lower calf muscle. Applying pressure point will help soothe digestive problems, insomnia, abdominal problems, and any form of pain in the ankle, foot, and lower back.
  • Stomach Pressure Point
    Below the kneecap on the outside of your lower leg. Aside from having an invigorating effect on your body, pressure on this will cure heartburn, hiccups and digestive issues.
  • Liver Pressure Point
    This is easy to find. It is in between your two large toes. This will help women with menstrual cramps. It also helps to relieve headaches, breath shortness, and vision problems
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