Difference Between Ultrasound Therapy and Electrical Stimulation

Difference Between Ultrasound Therapy and Electrical Stimulation

Although the benefits are similar, there are a few critical differences between ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation when used for the treatment of any sports injury. The doctors at Premier Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in El Segundo are well-equipped to utilize the latest in emerging technology to best treat their valued patients for a variety of issues.

ULTRASOUND THERAPY: To best understand how to treat your injury, it is imperative that you understand the difference in therapy options. Ultrasound therapy is an ideal choice of treatment for patients looking to lessen pain, reduce edema symptoms, and promote tissue and muscle healing. This popular technology employs the use of high-frequency sound waves to stimulate tissue vibration. This vibration will create heat and deliver increased blood flow to the affected area. As a result of the treatment, waste will be removed from the tissue and nutrients will be delivered to cells in an effort to promote healing.

ELECTRICAL STIMULATION: This innovative therapy uses electrodes to send electrical currents to targeted muscles. By strategically placing the electrodes on affected areas, the stimulation can help to relieve pain and edema, lessen muscle spasms, and decrease atrophy all while improving circulation and range of motion.

The most effective treatment often comes by combining both ultrasound treatment and electrical stimulation. While the ultrasound treatment is primarily used to improve blood flow and circulation, the electrical stimulation completes a nerve block, helping to retrain the pain receptors. A trained physical therapist will also provide the patient with the necessary tools and exercise instructions to continue the rehabilitation outside of the doctor’s office, maximizing results and improving the condition.

With a reputation as the best chiropractor El Segundo, the Premier clinic is eager to help you with all of your sports therapy needs. We look forward to serving you today!