Common Pains of Working in a Home Office

Common Pains of Working in a Home Office

Working from home can be a great way to stay safe from COVID-19, but it can also be a great way to cause some issues for your body. If you are spending more than 8 hours on the computer, you can have a risk for several different physical problems. These problems can lead to chronic pain and can severely damage your ability to work from home.

Problems That May Develop

The following issues may cause you problems when you are sitting for long hours working from home.

  • Neck pain –  Neck pain is the most common ailment that you may suffer from working from home. This is typically caused by lowering your neck to look at your keyboard or your computer. This is especially true if the table you work at is higher than where you are sitting.
  • Sciatica – If you have sciatica, you have a spinal spur or a herniated disc that is pressing on the nerve. This can cause pain in the lower back, hips, and one or both legs. The pain can be severe and cause you not to be able to move as well you should.
  • Low back pain – If you are hunched over your computer chair for more than 8 hours and do not have the correct position, you can cause muscle strain and pressure on your spine. This will cause your back to be in pain and can cause inflammation as well.

How to Address These Problems

There are several ways that you can help to ensure that these problems are minimized.

  • Stretch – Before you start your workday, do a few stretching exercises, which will help to loosen your body. Be sure that you loosen your neck and your fingers to help alleviate any pain.
  • Correct posture – Make sure that you are sending correctly in your computer chair. Sitting properly will help you to alleviate back pain.

Seeking Out Chiropractic Care

While the above measures can help you somewhat, they may not be helpful if the damage has already been done. If you are experiencing chronic pain, the best course of action is to see a chiropractor El Segundo for the best benefits. The chiropractor can offer various physical therapy El Segundo to ensure that all your pain is gone.

When you make your chiropractic appointment, they will examine you to determine what forms of El Segundo physical therapy you need. They will go over your health record and speak to you about what is causing your pain. Seeing your chiropractor El Segundo is important to address any of these issues that you are having because if they are left untreated, they may cause you further issues when you continue to work from home.

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