Chiropractic Care Is the Best Way to Prevent Sports Injuries from Children to Adults

Chiropractic Care Is the Best Way to Prevent Sports Injuries from Children to Adults

When was the last time you’ve suffered from an injury on the field? You may have twisted your ankle, fractured your wrist, or performed with long-term chronic pain. Medications and much-needed rest may have done the trick for a few weeks. But we can assure you that the real remedy lies in chiropractic care! As your trusted Los Angeles chiropractors, we know exactly what is needed to succeed as an athlete.

At Premiere Chiropractic we offer a range of chiropractic services, including sports medicine treatment. Most athletes that turn to us seek rehabilitation or physical therapy to get back on their feet. The longer you stay off the field and remain inactive it can impact your performance long term. Debilitating injuries affect children, teens, and adults just the same. Read on to learn more about best practices.

Tips For Injury Prevention

  • Always warm up! This is crucial before any exercise or sport. Make sure your body is prepared to perform. Warming up for 15 minutes or more will drastically affect your performance.
  • Train consistently but have a balance. Avoid excessive workouts, whether it’s weight training or jogging. Functional training ensures that each exercise or movement will increase your strength, performance, and endurance.
  • Staying off your feet can lead to the most damage. When you get hurt, the reality is that you’ll be inactive for more than a week. That will cause your fitness level to drop drastically. Instead, our sports specialists can help you establish preventative measures.

At Premiere, we have treated a range of recreational sports players and professional athletes. Some of the patients that book an appointment suffer from chronic pain, older injuries or simply want to condition to prevent the risk of injury in the future. Reach out to us today to schedule your next session!