Can chiropractic therapy help with chronic stress? A chiropractor answers

Can chiropractic therapy help with chronic stress? A chiropractor answers

Our bodies are naturally programmed to go into the fight or flight response when we are faced with stress. In most cases, this is a good thing as it allows us to react in a threatening situation. However, this can wreak havoc on your body if you’re constantly under stress. This is referred to as chronic stress, and it’s something that your chiropractor El Segundo can help you to alleviate.

Chiropractic As An Alternative Cure

With stress having such a profound impact on the body, it’s no wonder that there have been many different research studies performed to identify successful ways to manage it. Some of the most well-known cures are yogameditation, and physical exercise. However, chiropractics in El Segundo are becoming the newest solution to manage bouts of chronic stress for both men and women.

The best chiropractor near me can perform manual spinal adjustments. These result in decreased cortisol levels throughout the body. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone of the body. When there is less cortisol being released, it means there is less stress present in the body. A skilled chiropractor El Segundo, which is able to perform regular spinal adjustments, can work to treat both chronic stress cases and provide preventative maintenance before pain develops in the body as a result of stress overload.

The Link Between Stress And Pain

Talk with any doctor in the chiropractics in El Segundo field, and they’ll be able to easily tell you that stress and pain can go hand in hand. Many of their patients present with chronic pain that is triggered by chronic stress. It’s important for people to think of pain and stress as closely connected.

When pain is increased, stress levels follow. When stress levels increase, pain tends to increase. For example, if a manager is undergoing a lot of work stress at the end of the month, they may see an increase in the number of headaches that they experience. Conversely, if a patient is currently in pain, their stress levels will continue to rise.

The Rule The Spine Plays In Chronic Stress And Pain

Most chiropractors refer to pain in two ways. There is induced pain, and there is stress-induced pain. The spine is the connecting factor between these two types of pain. The spine works as a delivery system between the brain and muscles of the body. As the brain perceives stress, it will send stress signals to the rest of the body. This can cause tension and pain throughout the entire body.

The best chiropractor near you will be able to interrupt that vicious cycle of pain and stress that runs many people’s day to day lives. When a person undergoes a chiropractic treatment, their spine is forced back into its correct position. This allows the spine to function optimally, allowing the communication between the body and the brain to be much smoother. This will lower the amount of pain a person experiences, and therefore will lower the amount of stress that they’re under.