Can CBD Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What We Know

Can CBD Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What We Know

If you’re embarking on a weight-loss journey at our chiropractic you’ve probably heard of cannabidiol (CBD). It has gained popularity over the years, from CBD-infused massages to organic oils and lotions. Although there is still much to learn about its holistic benefits, research suggests it might combat a few health issues associated with weight loss.

CBD is naturally derived from the cannabis plant and is one of many cannabinoids. It will not cause you to get high or experience psychoactive effects like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When used correctly, you can expect:

  • Less inflammation
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Weight control for patients with diabetes or metabolic disorders

How Does CBD Affect the Brain?

When used CBD targets the way that your body responds to different chemicals. There are two receptors: CB1 and CB2.

CB1 receptors are located within the brain and central nervous system. Whereas CB2 receptors can be found throughout the immune system. Both increase feel-good hormones that promote communication between the brain and nervous system. It can also improve your eating habits and regulate digestion.

According to Medical News Today, obese or overweight participants were found to benefit more from CBD. They have higher rates of CB1 receptors throughout the body that alter the speed of their metabolism for manageable weight management.

What Else Does the Research Say?

Further studies suggest CBD will also reduce appetites, help the body burn calories, and reduce the risk of disorders like high cholesterol. We briefly explain below.

Not hungry? That’s normal. It is a common misconception that CBD increases your appetite. Unlike THC, there are fewer hormones that prompt you to increase your food intake. Hunger is likely to be suppressed.

Bad fat transforms to good fat. CBD will reduce the amount of bad fat that contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. It manipulates how your body interprets fats and ensures it’s broken down in an efficient and helpful way.

Do I Need to Engage in Weight Management Programs for It to Work?

At Premiere Chiropractic we are dedicated to supporting you to lose weight quickly and sensibly. When paired with an exercise regimen, nutritional counseling, or acupuncture, you’re sure to see maximum results.