Can Acupuncture Relieve Psoriasis Symptoms?

Can Acupuncture Relieve Psoriasis Symptoms?

Acupuncture is one of the most natural methods of alleviating symptoms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes scaly red or purple patches on the skin. It tends to itch, peel, bleed and can cause joint pain or swelling.

Psoriasis has gained more awareness over the years as more celebrities have been vocal about their experiences. Kim Kardashian West made headlines after opening up about her condition on KUWTK and social media. Cara Delevingne noted stress triggers her psoriasis outbreaks – like most people – and is one of the reasons why she walked away from the runway. Even actor and director Eli Roth struggled from extremely cracked and bleeding legs on set.

Medications, skin creams, and steroid injections are heavily relied on to provide some form of relief. However, very few people consider acupuncture therapy. It is an excellent add-on treatment that’s safe, simple, and effective. The needles are thin enough to prevent a psoriasis flare-up and avoid damaging the skin.

For this method of treatment to work successfully, you’d need to book an appointment with a certified and trained acupuncturist from Premiere Chiro. At our chiropractic, patients found acupuncture has:

  • Reduced injury or condition related joint pain
  • Provided relief for arthritis pains
  • Regulated immune system
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Other complementary benefits

If this is your first time considering acupuncture, we assure you that the risks are very low. The goal is to keep the condition under control, reduce pain and any stressors associated with psoriasis. When inserted across the body, each needle will help to release energy or qi. As it flows freely through the body, you might notice your anxiety levels start to lower and discomfort channeling elsewhere.

During your consultation we will determine if this is the best treatment for you. Psoriasis affects everyone differently, and we want to ensure that you get the proper care needed. The skin condition can influence how you feel about your appearance as well as take a toll on your health. Acupuncture is a clinically proven, traditional Eastern-influenced approach that works!