Back Pain Induced by Stress

Back Pain Induced by Stress

Stress can completely alter the body. When there’s so much happening outside your control, it can cause physical and emotional trauma. Too much of the chemical stress hormone will increase the pain you’re experiencing. Here’s how.

Stress Directly Links to Pain

You might associate a hectic week with a headache. But what about back pain? If you’ve recently strained your back, feelings of anxiety can expedite the pain. When there’s more stress, it can continue to affect what you do on a daily basis.

chiropractic might tell you to look at pain through a series of phases. We list three of them below:

  • First, you’ll see a drastic change in how the body functions. Performing daily activities will feel much harder to do.
  • During phase two, it’s not uncommon for the affected patient to fear the risks of inactivity.
  • It is not uncommon to see muscles weaken over time. It will cause extreme pain.

Why Turn to A Chiropractor?

At Premiere Chiropractic we offer spinal decompressions to stop the pain in its tracks and limit periods of stress. After a session with us, you will notice less bulging, resolved herniated discs, or fully resolved back and neck discomfort. Regardless of your concerns, chiropractic care is the best solution. It saves you a trip to the doctor and hopefully saves you from having to depend on spinal surgery.

To break the cycle of chronic pain we also recommend practicing a healthy routine at home. Try consuming healthy foods and exercising 2-3 times a week post-session to maximize results. Consume healthy fats and whole grains; eat fewer carbs and sugar. Paired with 30-minute exercises throughout the week, you will see lower stress levels and get a better night’s sleep.