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Acupuncture Before Surgery: How Does It Help?

Acupuncture Before Surgery: How Does It Help?

Did you know acupuncture can reduce your need for painkillers after surgery? In a recent study, Detroit researchers believe it is powerful enough to combat opioid dependency. At our chiropractics in El Segundo, we offer a wide range of affordable acupuncture treatments to help you manage your pain and bring a holistic internal balance.

The Opioid Crisis
Over 81,000 Americans have died from opioid overdose in recent years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Post-surgical management is crucial, but the concerns for prescription drug misuse prevail. According to Medical News Today:

  • Over 80% of people receive prescriptions after low-risk surgeries
  • 87% of the medications have oxycodone or hydrocodone
  • Both drugs ger prescribed to patients when they leave the hospital, but they are the leading cause of overdose deaths in the U.S.
  • In 2020, researchers showed overdoses are 28% higher than originally intended

Throughout the study, they provided different acupuncture techniques to two groups of veteran participants.

  • The first group of veterans had acupuncture before their surgery
  • The second group of veterans received a placebo acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture helped the first group of patients manage pain post-surgery. They reported feeling better than expected and expressed having less anxiety compared to the control group.

Traditional vs. Battlefield Acupuncture
Battlefield acupuncture is a localized treatment for ear acupoints. Compared to traditional acupuncture, the needles stay in place for three to four days. It targets how the body processes pain and transmits signals throughout the body’s nervous system.

Paul Nogier, a French doctor, began this popularized practice in the 50s. Decades later, an Air Force radiation oncologist adapted Nogier’s method to provide pain relief for those on the battlefield – hence the name.

Researcher, Brinda Kish, shared her insights on the study with the American Society of Anesthesiologists. She issued the following statement according to Medical News Today:

“Some patients were open to trying acupuncture right away, and others became more interested when they learned more about the risks of opioid use. It’s easy, patients love it, it’s not just another medicine, and it’s very safe.”

This research speaks volumes on how effective traditional acupuncture can be. It has been a valuable remedy for centuries and can help you mend your body before and after a surgical procedure. When you schedule an appointment for acupuncture therapy in El Segundo, we can attest that you will leave feeling better than you did before!