6 Tips to help Prevent Back Pain

6 Tips to help Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is caused by various reasons from an injury to a poor diet. There are ways to prevent it from appearing and reappearing in your life. The main idea is to promote healthy cells by promoting good daily practices. Here are 6 proven ways to treat and prevent back pain.

1.Prevent Further Injury
First, prevent any further injury from being done to your back. Back pain is typically caused by a pulled muscle, so avoid the activity that caused it, whether it’s moving furniture or playing sports.

2.Rest Often
Rest often as you recover from a back injury. Maintain normal sleep cycles with at least 6 hours of sleep. Sleep allows you to lie down flat and relieve pressure on the back, which increases when you sit and slouch over.

It may seem like exercise could worsen the problem, but it actually helps to improve it. Walk regularly and perform stretches to increase healthy blood circulation to the injured area. Exercise also helps to strengthen the muscles and resist any more damage.

4.Lose Weight
Obese people are likely to experience back pain. Their weight puts excessive pressure on their backs, making it difficult to do simple movements. Losing weight is the same as lifting weights that are placed onto the body.

5.Sit Straight
People don’t understand how important it is to have good back posture. Sitting up straight is recommended for people who sit in chairs for hours at a time. The spine is less likely to be damaged when it’s kept straight.

6.Reduce Stress
Too much stress has a negative effect on your health. Stress causes the muscles to tighten, and the constant tension leads to chronic back pain. Working for too long at the office is a common cause of stress, so eliminate the reason why you’re having back problems.

Follow general tips to treat back pain and prevent it from recurring. Contact our experienced chiropractor El Segundo provider to find solutions for your back pain relief. Premiere Chiro is available to help you identify, treat and prevent problems of the back and spine.