Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science)

Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science)
16 January

Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science)

Belly fat is usually more than just a casual problem for many. It can be the start of a real health concern that can affect the future functioning of one’s body. 

Luckily, the chiropractors of El Segundo are going to share our top tips for losing that unnecessary belly fat to get you on the way to looking and feeling better.

More Soluble Fiber

Ask any expert regarding weight management El Segundo and they’ll reveal that soluble fiber is essential. This type of fiber works to absorb water. It will form a gel-like paste that actually slows down the digestion of food in your body. This helps a person to feel fuller for longer. This translates to eating less food throughout the day.

Less Trans Fat

A great tip for weight loss El Segundo is to keep trans fats to a minimum. You’ll find trans fat in abundance in spreads and margarines. Trans fat has been linked time and time again to heart disease, inflammation, and abdominal fat growth. In fact, one study concluded that monkeys gained 33 percent more abdominal fat when on a high trans fat diet than monkeys that weren’t.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

One of the biggest struggles for weight management near me is the use of alcohol. It can be easy to skip a meal or two to save up for the calories spent drinking alcohol. The problem is that one drink leads to another and before you know it, you’re well in excess of the calories that you saved up. In addition, heavy alcohol usage has been linked to higher fat storage around the waist.

Eat More Protein

Any chiropractor El Segundo can reveal the importance of protein in a person’s daily food intake. Protein is what builds up strong muscles and ensures that one feels full at each meal. These are key attributes that one needs to lose belly fat. 

Many people worry about losing muscle mass during their cutting period. However, protein is one surefire way to limit that amount of muscle reduction while dieting. Additionally, eating a meal high in protein will keep you full for longer. Make sure to have a protein in each meal that you eat to avoid snacking.

Keep Stress Low

Stress is one of the biggest challenges for weight management El Segundo participants. Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol, which slows body fat reduction and increases your appetite level. 

While you cannot eliminate your career or financial problems from your lifes, you can work to limit stress during your weight loss El Segundo journey in a number of ways. Engaging in pleasurable activities, getting more exercise, and practicing yoga are all great techniques for reducing stress. Even visiting a chiropractor El Segundo for a treatment can help to alleviate physical stress.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

One problem that spirals into an addiction for many participating in weight management near me is sugar intake. Sugar is highly addictive and hidden in many foods. Once you consume some sugar, it makes you crave even more. This typically leads to eating more sugary foods and consuming more empty calories. 

By avoiding sugar for a week or more, you can help to reset your body’s addiction. Soon you’ll find that you no longer crave sugary foods.

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